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Monday, June 9, 2014

Panduan Bisnis Libertagia

Libertagia international is a global company in the field of innovative technologies, enterprise-class status of Star 12, which is the top in the field of world class Company. It is proved that the company could not Libertagia considered one eye even though the status is still new. Since October 2013 officially founded Libertagia located in Portugal.

Libertagia Company is engaged in Technology, Web Advertisement, and entertainment. Its mission is to provide products and services that will be classy site value on the user.

Peluang Usaha Bisnis Libertagia

3 Dollar Every Day From Libertagia

Get $ 3 per day of Libertagia by just looking at the task setiapa 10 days, the program is very beneficial because we do not need to spend any money to invest or to register as a member Libertagia. If in view of the program launched by the company at a glance similar to PTC, but should not be underestimated once, because obviously this is not the sort of business that is rife on the internet PTC.

Innovation is developed Libertagia booming overseas, and maybe in the next few months will also explode world, because Indonesia had 900,000 more people running a business is a very profit

In this libertagia program there are 6 types of membership

  • Box Bronze -> FREE -> Can $ 3 per day to do 10 tasks
  • Booster Box -> $ 339 -> to $ 5 per day to do 10 tasks
  • Box Siver -> $ 899 -> to $ 12 per day with a 15 task
  • Gold Box -> $ 1499 -> Can $ 20 per day to do 10 tasks
  • Box Platinum -> $ 2999 -> Can $ 40 per day to do 10 tasks
  • Box Visionary -> $ 5999 -> Can $ 50 per day to do 10 tasks

Learn material is On

You can see that there are 6 types of membership in libertagia above that the higher your membership level, the higher the dollar that you get every day. But I do not recommend to you to choose a paid, enough already with the FREE you can make $ 3 per day, and in the allotted 5 days a week working on it, so in a month we can produce 60 bucks.

By using the Internet or Bronze status in a few months we've been able to upgrade membership into Booster, or can also directly at our local bank to withdraw kerekening. So excess Libertagia in this situation the user should make it easier to withdraw money which is derived directly into the bank account number in Indonesia without intermediaries such as Paypal, Payza, and others.

panduan cara lengkap daftar Libertagia

How to Register Libertagia And Generate $ 3/day

How to register in libertagia fairly easy, but you will not be able to register if you do not receive an invitation from a user who is already active, so the system is to be implemented through a registered user. Lucky if you read this article, because I open invitation to the public without exception.

JOIN Free And Hasikan Minimum $ 50/Bulan Only Watch 10 Ads

Daftar Libertagia Indonesia
  • After Clicking the Join button above you will be directed to the official international website Libertagia and get something like this:

    Dapatkan $3 Tiap hari dengan Libertagia
    Click Confirm to continue
  • Complete data is needed to correctly like this::

    Cara Daftar Libertagia
    Attention : Please complete your details correctly, because the data used to draw the money you earn to Local Bank

Please login with your email and password, do the daily task now.