How to Register Globallshare 2014 And Can Stock Multi Level

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Globallshare are belong to Google's latest social network, I myself was surprised by this new news about Google+ Google will stop developing, and officially launch a new social network by the name Globallshare, and has a unique system for new registrants.

How to Register Globallshare 2014 And Can Stock Multi Level

The concept is unique to the implementation of the system in the initial launch stocks ... and his time is 19 days from now (May 31, 2014), the concept of a social network similar to facebook but there is this result, as if to make Google really panic.

Get Shares From Globallshare

While still in the launch phase, if you are interested to sign up and get a stake in Globallshare, game list and find as many friends through your link.

Globallshare shares owned by Google is applying the pyramid system, but you do not need to worry because you do not need to spend any money to obtain shares. We share the income obtained from the business profits earned by Globallshare through advertising and so on.

From the news there did you get the stock up 7 levels below our friends who signed up or can also call Member Get Member la Google. Systemnya looks like this:

multi level

Curious how the value of shares in get ..? I myself was also the same. After inviting as many friends to sign up you will get the value of the stock as below. But if it is true then this will be a very profitable stock prospects for new registrants.

stock gas world

It could be concluded that 22 stocks aka 110 people join we can produce nearly 50 dollars, then this is a prospect that is worth the try. If you are looking for 110 friends friends again and so on until stage 7 level, can imagine how much we will be able to share that.

How to Apply Globallshare

  • First visit the registration page GlobALLShare
  • Fill in your data in accordance with what was requested in the registration form Globallshare, and then enter the Captcha and click REGISTRATION
  • If the process is successful then you will see a display like this
    registration page GlobALLShare

  • Sign into your email account for the verification process is sent.
  • Once you click ACTIVATE ACCOUNT, you will see the screen below.

  • Once your account is active now time to do the basic settings. You may want to turn off the notification sound for some pretty disturbing.
  • You are also asked to specify the username for the cash account you just created. If you are finished please click CHANGE.

  • To get the stock you need to enable Globallshare Gas World is in the sidebar of your account.
    gas world

  • You will be taken to a new page, and on that page there is a link to activate your account GAS_WORLD. Click on that link.
  • Will open a new page and on that page there is a series of tabs. Click on the tab INVITE.

  • You will be redirected again to a new page and on that page there is a URL that you can use to invite people to join under you. For every 5 people, you will get 1 share. SO NOW YOU LINK DEPLOYS.

If every person who joins facebook can invite 5 friends to join GlobAllShare that day, then it should only take a week to complete the 7 levels above. But who needs friends remember, its width is not restricted to the side, so if you are not invite your friends ... yes another person who spoke...

Proof Stocks I GloballShare

In just two days I have been getting emails from telling Globallshare stock that I got from inviting people to the list, although only got a few people and not how great stocks. This proves that Google is really serious in programs in tawarkannya for everyone including you.

Proof Stocks I GloballShare