How to Upgrade Membership Libertagia

Saturday, July 5, 2014

How to Upgrade there libertagia membership in several ways, one of them with your own personal bonus balance, or it could also seek assistance from your upline to transfer the appropriate amount of membership fees in want.

    How to Upgrade Box Libertagia

  1. Balance Personal Bonus

    For this method you need to have a personal bonus balance is sufficient, and you need to know that the balance will be used to upgrade is the balance Available , balance Balance , and Captive balance .
      example if your balance like this:
    • Availible $ 180
    • Balance $ 80
    • Captive $ 160

    balance as above and you want to upgrade to a Booster Box valued at $ 399 and the balance Availible Balance taken sequentially to $ 0, while the balance Captive subtract $ 139

    Upgrade to
      Step Personal Balance:
    • In the backoffice, click Financial - Financial, and then at the table "Account Upgrade" upgrade your select box, and then click "Save".
    • Still in the same menu, at the bottom of the table there is a "My Invoice" whose status is still 'Open'. Click on "Details" invoice that you orderkan to upgrade.
    • new window will appear, fed second password (See how to create a second password in href="" Personal Data ), and then click Pay Now.
    • Status Check My Invoice in Invoice table, the status changed to "Paid"
    • Check the "Current Plan" on the table Accounts Upgrade change according to the box that you upgrade.

  2. Fund Transfers Into Your Upline

    If you have a balance of $ upline sufficient to make payments on your invoices, you can ask your upline u / make payments on your invoices. Exchange rate depends on the spot rate on the day you do the upgrade. For security of transactions, look upline that you know & trust. Do not make the transfer to people you do not know and there is no relationship in the business network.

  3. Into Account Funds Transfers JOIADMIRDA

    • transfer funds to the following account: Account Number: PT50 0036 0305 99100021891 09
      BANK Name: Montepio
      POST CODE: 2775-561
      Address: Edifício Smart – Rua do Pólo Norte, Nº Fracção I – Sala A – Parque das Nações – 1990-265 Lisboa
    • Scan your transfer receipt.
    • Perform order in Back Office account upgrades - Financial - Financial - Accounts Upgrade column. Will appear at the bottom of the invoice to upgrade your account.
    • Email follow scanned proof of transfer, your full name, nickname Libertagia account, the email listed in Libertagia and invoice number and the amount of $ corresponding box you buy into email. I will forward to the upline in Lisbon to process your upgrade.

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