About Company Libertagia

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Libertagia is a global international company in the field of innovative technologies, enterprise-class status of Star 12, which is the top in the field of world-class Company. It is proved that the company could not Libertagia considered one eye, although its status is still new. Since October 2013 officially founded Libertagia located in Portugal.

Libertagia Company is engaged in Technology, Web Advertisement, and entertainment. Its mission is to provide products and services that will be Web-class values ​​on the user.

company libertagia

LibertaGia Mondial is a technology company that works internationally whose main objective is to develop an application that will solve a common problem in people's lives. We want to integrate the technology necessary for any person to perform professional activities, personal and social in just one place. We call this utility!

social responsability libertagia

We support sustainable projects that aim to solve social problems such as poverty, social inequality and lack of opportunity. We believe that our business success will be measured by the number of lives we can change. We call this prosperity!

business plan libertagia

We chose multi-level marketing system to distribute our products. This system allows us to distribute to our affiliates profits derived from the sale of a product or a new seller recruitment. We call it freedom!

libertagia mission

In order to create the Internet solutions that solve everyday problems. To develop actions and ongoing projects by creating a socially more useful, free and special mandate. In LibertaGia Mondial question is: what benefits you bring to people?

libertagia proposal

To make something different and better than what is already there. A smart company, driven by causes that benefit society and generate financial freedom. We care about the durability and protection of the global business and not just profit.

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