What Products Libertagia

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Libertagia company providing Web services class Products for Customers and Affiliates to make it as added value. Libertagia have a variety of excellent products and services are highly professional, for example CLICK PLUS, GIA Gift, the I-Cloud, and LIVE Inbox.

  1. I-Cloud

    Produk I-Cloud Storage Libertagia

    This product is one of the flagship products Libertagia, Cloud stroge you can enjoy for free without charge after registering with BRONZE status. Libertagia this class of service through "http://livebx.com/login.php", space Online Host in Amazon S3, the cloud storage server world.

    • 10GB, Box Bronze - FREE
      Only by joining libertagia you will get sufficient online storage to store documents and personal files, and share to your friends and colleagues. In addition to getting storage, as a free member you can also use a web service advertisement Libertagia, where you only work for 10 minutes to produce a $ 3 per day, or a maximum of $ 60 a month.

    • 100GB, Booster Box
      With Booster BOX storage you can keep all your favorite video files and movies.

    • 500GB, Silver Box
      Large enough storage, you can store all the files even more.

    • 1TB Gold Box
      One terabyte, can you imagine all the work documents you can store safely.

    • 5TB, Box Platinum
      With this box, you can also store documents and corporate promotional videos. In addition, a 3D movie and BlueRay quality that you have.

    • 10TB, Box Visionary
      10 terabyte Storage, I can imagine that all the moments of your life can be saved here.

  2. Click Plus

    Produk Click Plus Libertagia

    This product is very popular with bloggers and companies with the web as well as conventional and other businesses. For only $ 50, your website will be visited by 50,000 viewers. Not only the clicker, but the viewer to visit a minimum of 60 seconds. This will increase sales potential, and the value of your website in the eyes of Google, because Google can put ads on your website that has a high view rating.

  3. GIAGift Raffles Online

    GIAGift Raffles Online

    Gia Gift is one of the online lottery system that applies only to members Libertagia. You can buy raffle tickets were drawn every week. Prizes will be sent to the lottery winners are 100% FREE and no postage.

  4. LIVE inBOX

    Live inBOX libertagia

    Libertagia product is so revolutionary, because you can easily connect to all the social media, search, ADD Friend, Chat even though. Ease in processing media files to your email account integration.